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WRMFZY X NOVESKE Space Baby Collab

It's that time of year, kings and queens. You should have your deer shot and in the freezer by now and for most of you, sweating your balls off all day is coming to an end.

October is for Halloween and Halloween is for the children but for us it also marks the second WRMFZY x Noveske collab and this year it's something exceptionally special.

My first exposure to the Space Baby was at Shot Show 2020 when our pals at FPC, Magpul, Superior Defense, and QVO Tactical slinked out to the range for a little night shoot.

The Space Baby is a 9MM Space Invader with a 5.5" Barrel that absolutely fucking rules.

When me and WRMFZY talked about options for the 2021 collab he was doing with Noveske the Space Baby coated in N81 camo was right at the top of the list.

I have good news and bad news. Let's cover the bad news first and get it off the table...

This is the last run of the Noveske Space Baby:

Noveske bent over backwards to make this collab happen. From the office to the shop floor, Everyone at Noveske busted their asses to make this collab happen in 2021. And Kudos to them because I would imagine they are still working through quite a large backorder so for them to make time for this drop says volumes about the relationship between them and WRMFZY.

Now for the good news:

You have a chance to buy not only the last run of the Space Baby on 10/31/21, but also the coolest gun on the planet.

If you are here on my blog right now you should consider yourself a connoisseur of fine firearms. You have god-awful taste in blogs and photography, but you love and appreciate a great time, a great gun, and great people. You also understand just how valuable this gun in such a limited quantity is.

Get your account on Noveske set up, have your FFL ready to send over, and set your alarm for 10am PST (1pm EST). You won't want to miss this heat.

On a side note, Expect to see some new prints drop on the website later today.

Stay tight.


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1 commentaire

Peter John
Peter John
21 juil. 2023

The Space Baby Collab is a captivating fusion of art and imagination, showcasing the boundless creativity of artists collaborating on a celestial theme. Embrace the cosmic journey of this collaboration and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Space Baby.plz vist our site :

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