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Dugan Ashley and CARNIKCON

Let's go on an adventure through time together.

2011 - 2015.

The Instagram gun community was just starting to pick up steam.

We were openly selling guns, ammo, magazines on the social media platform, everyone seemed to be on the CUTTING EDGE of making useless bullshit out of 550 cord, and people took classes from Rob Pincus and bragged about it.

There was one content creator during those years that stood out from the masses, and that was Dugan Ashley.

It looks like you can watch most, if not all, of Dugan's videos on the Youtube channel above.

Well, unfortunately Dugan has MS it is currently kicking his ass at the moment. He wants some more time to fight. If you have the means, head over and donate what you can to his Gofundme here:

Keep going, dude.


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