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THE BLOG: "This one will be different" and other bullshit you have heard before.

I dropped the latest print today. I took the shot following a helicopter hunt with WRMFZY, Spiritus Systems, Noveske, TACHUNTFISH and friends.

We decided it would be a flex to land the bird, pick up a hog, and drop it out of the door in front of all our friends (which is an absolute flex, let's be honest.) We found a spot clear enough to land and tracked the pig down. Wrmfzy jammed that bad boy between his legs and off we went. The result was a pretty cool photo that your wife will absolutely love. In fact, get her this print for her birthday!

Let's talk about this blog for a minute. I want to build a little community here away from the same hum drum of social media. I'll be accepting blog submissions from all types of people, even the occasional anonymous author. If you are interested in submitting your own blog post reach out to me.


I can't thank all you enough for the support.

Until the next one.


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Nelson Murdock
Nelson Murdock
27 de nov. de 2023

I'm captivated by the adventurous spirit in your blog post; landing a bird to drop a hog in front of friends is indeed a unique flex! The camaraderie and boldness showcased make it a memorable read, and the resulting photo is undoubtedly a special gift idea for anyone's wife. In regards to the help with English assignment, I'm based in London and can assist urgently with your assignment. Feel free to connect, and we'll work together to meet your deadline.


01 de out. de 2021

Bad ass !!



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